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Since prehistoric times sacred places have exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of people around the world.

Ancient legends and modern-day reports tell of extraordinary experiences that people have had while visiting these magical places. Different Sacred Sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity, develop psychic abilities and awaken the soul to a knowing of its true purpose in life. These power places are found all across the planet in the form of sacred mountains, healing springs, enchanted caves, and sites of divine apparitions.

There is a presence at the Sacred Sites that accounts for the extraordinary — and often miraculous — experiences that human beings have on pilgrimage. This presence may be described as a field of energy, a spiritual ambiance, or a density of holiness that saturates and surrounds the Sacred Sites.

When human beings enter into these fields, they may experience a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects. But a further question then arises: How may we explain or account for these mysterious energy fields? What factors contribute to their presence and powers?

We may classify these factors according to three separate categories:

  • The influences of the Earth
  • The influences of the structures that humans have built at the Sacred Sites, and
  • The influences resulting from the accumulated power of focused human intention

A particularly fascinating example is the Sacred Geometry used in the construction of the temples, mosques, and cathedrals at the Sacred Sites. Sacred geometry is the formulating geometry evident in many facets of the natural world. Ancient people, deeply observant of the mathematically repeating patterns of nature, sought to encode those patterns and proportions into the architecture they created at the Sacred Sites.



Similar to how the mathematically precise shapes of musical instruments create specific sounds, the purposeful shapes of sacred structures assist in the generation of specific fields of energy and influence. Contributing to and amplifying these fields of influence, ancient architects and craftsman also used sound, light, aromatic substances, jewel-encrusted icons, and mineral-plated sculpture

Contributing to the power of the Sacred Sites is the concentrated power of human intention. As photographic film records the energy of light, and audiotapes record the energy of sound, so also can the earth record the energy and intention of the millions of humans who have visited a Sacred Site.

Within the shrines and sanctuaries, priests, priestesses, and pilgrims have gathered for thousands of years. Dancing, chanting and praying, they have continuously charged the fields of love and peace, of healing and divinity. The megalithic stone rings, healing springs, sacred mountains, Mayan temples, Gothic cathedrals, and Egyptian pyramids are repositories of the concentrated spiritual aspirations and attainments of humanity. Here, too, are the places where Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and other sages and shamans awakened to the deepest realizations of spiritual wisdom.

Pilgrimages to the Sacred Sites have the mysterious capacity to awaken and catalyse within us the qualities of compassion, wisdom, peace of mind, and respect for the Earth.

The development of these qualities in more members of the human species is of crucial importance, considering the numerous ecological and social problems happening in the world. At the root of all these problems may be found human ignorance. Human beings are out of touch with themselves, their fellow beings, and the Earth they live upon. The Sacred Sites and their subtle fields of spiritual energy can assist in the transformation of human consciousness and thereby the healing of the Earth.


In my research on sacred sites I found the correlation between the sites and Earth’s chakra points (where energy spirals and flows down like a faucet), most fascinating. The general essence of the Earth’s chakra points magnify the energy correlated to the body’s chakras. When you immerse yourself in these energy fields you will find that your own physical electromagnetic field will become aligned with the frequency of the chakra point you are in.

Chakra points pour, radiate and give off energy by tapping into a variety of dimensional planes. They balance and regulate the electromagnetheric field of Earth to stabilize our planet’s energy. They connect with Earth’s vortices, working together as an energetic, crystalline grid around our planet. Chakra points are often Volcanoes or other Earth active areas, due to the rich crystal deposits, electromagnetic volcanic material and increased ormus from Inner Earth.

Everyone will have their own experiences, and receive particular frequencies and downloads designed for you. These places will bubble up any energies or beliefs that are out of alignment with your natural self so that you can integrate them and become more of your true essence. You may have the most positive and connective experience of your life or the most painful. As the locals say in Sedona, whatever energy you bring to the vortex (or chakra point) will be magnified. Chakra points are more lucid and dreaming whereas vortices are clarifying amplifiers. All of Earth’s chakra points and vortices are connected in an energy grid around the planet. When you are at one energy point you will likely feel other energy points through the wormhole-like dimensional gates, such as feeling Mt. Fuji in Mt. Shasta.

SOME OF THE WELL KNOWN SACRED SITES (interestingly got research chakra wise for 7 of them and so have started in that order)

                                                                                     Crown Chakra ~ Mt Shasta, California

Mount Shasta is the locational access point to “All That Is” and connection with your higher self. It is a place where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support. The “I AM” presence. It delivers the realization and frequency of oneness and your connection to everything.

Many know Mt. Shasta as the root chakra. It is a very grounded place being atop the volcano. One of the reasons for this labeling could be the 8th chakra energy that streams through here. The 8th chakra is where the root and crown chakra meet, the place of heaven and Earth.

It is often associated with the “The Violet Flame” or Saint Germain, the purifying violet energy which transmutes denser energies and reignites the flame of your divine purpose. The symbol and energy are also represented in Shasta’s energy of being the meeting place of the high council, the place where humans step into their roles as ascended masters and physicalize Christ Consciousness on Earth. Mount Shasta is in the geographic region that was once, and always is because everything is now, “ancient” Lemuria. It is a dimensional gate to the Lemurian civilization, reminding us of how we can live in harmony on Earth.

Mount Shasta co-creates an energetic Vesica Pisces with the Sedona Vortex. Together, they are connected by a line of energy and their radiating electromagnetic fields combine, immersing the geographic locations between them in a resonance of 33 cycles per second.

                                                             Third-Eye Chakra ~ Mount Kailash, Himalayan Mountains,India

Mt. Kailas opens visitors’ spiritual eyes to see their true mystical nature. This black rock mountain in western Tibet is thought to be the mythical Axis Mundi, the center of the universe. Hindus believe it is the residence of Lord Shiva and the land of eternal bliss, and have celebrated the mythical Kailas in temple carvings throughout India. Tantric Buddhists say the mountain is the home of Buddha Demchog, who represents supreme bliss, and that three key Bodhisattvas live in the surrounding hills, while Jains believe it is the site (which they call Mount Ashtapada) where the first Jain attained nirvana. This pilgrimage site for at least 4 religions; Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Tibetans has thousands of pilgrims circle the base around the mountain spiralling the direction of the chakra’s energy. It’s a very difficult pilgrimage, as one risks fatigue, acrophobia, and braving erratic weathers. Accomplishing the task is believed to bring fulfillment and an abundance of blessings and good fortune. Buddhists call it ‘the precious jewel snow peak’ and its inner radiance and dreamy nature allow insight, contemplation and the ability to gaze into other dimensions.

Nearby Lake Manasarovar, considered the source of purity, is another major pilgrimage site.



                                                                                 Throat Chakra~ Glastonbury, England

It is believed that Glastonbury will eventually be the “Communication Headquarters” for Europe in the new 5th dimensional network of communities. It currently acts as a world communication outlet expressed through the crop circles, just over an hour away in Wiltshire. The crop circles act as humanity’s collective communication symbols as they receive messages from other extraterrestrial intelligences and dimensions.

Glastonbury is the location of the legendary Avalon of mystical Merlin and the story of King Arthur. It was also the territory of the Druid peoples, thus connecting us with our inner magic, alchemy and connection to nature.

As you approach the town the first thing you see is the dramatic outline of the Tor rising dramatically from the surrounding flatness of the Somerset Levels. This natural hill, surmounted by St. Michael’s tower has been a beacon of spirituality since Pagan times and still acts as a magnet for people of all beliefs. The stories and legends bring the place to life as well as the powerful energy and atmosphere of this sacred site. The Tor is traditionally home to Gwyn Ap Nudd, Lord of the Underworld and the Celtic King of the Fairies. In later years, it was believed to be Avalon, where the coffins of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were supposedly found at the top of the hill. Another legend states that it was the site of the Holy Grail. No matter the myth, it seems that Glastonbury Tor has been proven to emit positive energy to visitors who walk through its hills. Many have claimed they felt lighter and happier upon descending the hill.

The White Spring rises from beneath the Tor, water that is high in calcite and seen as embodying ‘masculine’ or yang energy, a complement to the waters of Chalice Well just paces away. The Mary & Michael earth energy currents weave the most remarkable intertwining paths as they head up to the top of the hill where a ‘point of potential’ is created between them. An energetic node point of the Michael and Mary energy currents exists on a side slope of the hill.


At the foot of the Tor lies Chalice Well; here we have one of the true healing places in this land. Gently nestled in tranquil gardens the wellhead and its ‘feminine’ or yin potentised waters have a constant temperature and rate of flow every day of the year. These chalybeate waters are high in iron and stain the rocks over which they flow with a red ‘rusty’ coating. Many people believe this is primary water that has been created deep within the Earth and is rising to the surface for the first time. This water, that is freely available to you, has healing properties and is used by many.
Using both waters, this is a place to do some healing and bring our male and female aspects into balance.

                                                                                                          Heart Chakra~ Maui, Hawaii
The Haleakala volcano on Maui matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. Maui’s energy is incredibly feminine and abundant. Haleakala is a place of stupendous beauty and power. There is a spirit here that has a birthing energy — that offers encouragement to new life and new endeavors.



There is a heavenly comfort radiating from the heart chakra and a visceral experience of being taken care of. The whole of the Hawaiian Islands radiant the frequency of the heart and each have distinct energies that represent the separate chakras. The big island for example is deep rooted with the deep active volcano energy from Pelé. Some associate Maui with the sacral chakra within the microcosmic chakra system of the islands.

Like Mt. Shasta, the Hawaiian Islands are the geographic location of ancient Lemuria. The Lemurian 5th dimensional energy is linked with the heart’s frequency enabling Lemurian love and “memories” to flow forth when you are there.

                                                                                           Solar Plexus~ Mt. Fuji, Japan
The greatest power requires the lightest touch. This is the place that represents a very different reflection of power than we haven’t been used to on Earth. The energy it exudes is the true empowerment of your infinite nature. The Eastern Zen energy of simplicity and meditative insight radiates at Mt. Fuji.

                                                                                         Sacral Chakra~ Lake Titicaca, Peru
Lake Titicaca radiates the essence of the mother archetype, the abundant “momma”. All power points have both masculine and feminine energies, and Titicaca is dominantly feminine. Being the sacral chakra, it is the energy of the womb of your inner creator. New ideas, creativity and a balance of sexual energy spring forth here. With the ancient city of Tiwanaku on the lake, this has been a sacred gateway for millennia. To explore more about Lake Titicaca’s energy I recommend James Tyberonn’s findings.
Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) is an ancient sacred site twelve miles from the coast of the sacred Lake of Titicaca in Bolivia. It is to South America what the Avebury stone ring is to England or the Great Pyramid is to Egypt. It is also part of the Chakra energy.

                                                                                                  Root Chakra ~ Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia
Located in Australia’s red center, Uluru/Ayers Rock is believed by the native Aboriginals to be the beginning place where their ancestors were born into this realm… where life began. It emanates the root of where we come from as humans, and our connection to all humanity and beyond. Out of the void, in the middle of the vast Australian desert, emerges the huge electro-magnetic rock where life originated.


It is a flat-topped sandstone rock standing about 1,100 feet high and almost six miles around, with a soulful, deep-red hue that changes throughout the day. About 30 miles away, Kata Tjuta (a.k.a. The Olgas) is made of more than 30 domes of varying rock types, including granite, sandstone, and basalt; the tallest point is almost 1,800 feet high. Both sites are sacred to the Anangu people of the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal tribe, who believe the rocks were built during the ancient creation period and are still inhabited by ancestor spirits.
In addition to these 7 sites , other sacred sites include:

The highest frequency location in the Western Hemisphere, according to Bashar. It is one of the strongest gateways and doorways of interdimensional connection that assists in balancing the energy grid of the entire planet. It is the 33rd parallel vibrating at thirty-three cycles per second. As it runs into other chakra points and vortices, creating new crests and troughs, the vibration diminishes to ten cycles per second. It has long drawn people interested in healing, spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics, who come for more than just the dramatic, red-rock beauty.


The area is famous for its vortexes, powerful centers of kinetic energy that can have a deep effect on those who visit them; there are four main ones spread around town, including one near the airport. The ancient Native American Yavapai people knew about these centers, and celebrated this “Great Mother” Many feel recharged and uplifted after visiting a vortex, and some guests even report having visions or deeper experiences while in town.

                                                                                                                  Machu Picchu
In a remarkable setting in the Andean mountains, is undoubtably one of the world’s most beautiful sacred sites. The Inca retreat, rediscovered in 1911, is believed to have existed as both a secret ceremonial and astronomical site. The Intihuatana stone (meaning ‘Hitching Post of the Sun’) has been shown to be a precise indicator of the date of the two equinoxes and other significant celestial periods. At midday on March 21st and September 21st, the sun stands almost directly above the pillar, creating no shadow at all. At this precise moment the sun “sits with all his might upon the pillar” and is for a moment “tied” to the rock. At these periods, the Incas held ceremonies at the stone in which they “tied the sun” to halt its northward movement in the sky.



                                                                                           The Intihuatana stone, Machu Picchu
Shamanic legends tell that when a sensitive person touches their forehead to the Intihuatana stone it opens their vision to the spirit world. Intihuatana stones were the supremely sacred objects of the Inca people and were systematically searched for and destroyed by the Spaniards. When the Intihuatana stone was broken at an Inca shrine, the Inca believed that the deities of the place died or departed.

                                                                                                       Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India
It’s believed that it is in Bodh Gaya that Prince Gautama Siddharta rested under a bodhi tree and after meditating there for three nights, the prince awoke with enlightenment, insight and the answers he had been seeking. He developed these into the teachings he went on to spread to his disciples and transformed into Gautama Buddha. It is considered to be the most holy place on Earth for all Buddhists. Thousands of pilgrims flock to the site to try to attain even a pinch of the wisdom that Buddha is said to have gained there.



                                                                           Cenote Sagrado, Chichen Itza, Mexico
In many cultures, water is considered sacred and cleansing to those that come into contact with it. That’s why water is the main element of baptism.
The ancient Maya revered water for its life-sustaining power, and worshiped Chac, the god of rain. Many areas of Mexico are dotted with cenotes—natural underground sinkholes—and the Maya believed that some of these sites were visited by Chac himself. As a result, some cenotes were designated as “sacred” and kept for rituals, offerings and sacrifices,.
When Archaeologists dredged up The cenote sagrado, otherwise known as “sacred well” or “well of sacrifice,” they not only found pieces of gold and other valuable items; they also found human remains, indicating that the waters were also a venue for human sacrifice in homage to Chaac.

                                                                                             Mount Sinai: Egypt
According to Jewish, Islamic, and Christian history, Mount Sinai was the site of one of the most pivotal moments in religious and divine history. Located in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, the mountain’s summit was where Moses was said to have spoken to God and received the 10 Commandments, written on two stone tablets. This account was mentioned in the Torah, Quran, and the Bible. Thousands of pilgrims trek to the top to stand where Moses stood and numerous religious groups have erected a place of worship there, to give their members a chance to pray.

                                                                                            Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Every person baptized into the Muslim faith is mandated to visit Mecca at least once in their lives. It is considered the most sacred city in the Islamic faith, as it was the birthplace of the prophet and founder of Islam, Muhammad. Every day, Muslims are expected to say a prayer facing the Kaaba, which is located in Mecca and considered the holiest site of Islam. They have never truly attained holiness until they’ve made their pilgrimage to Mecca. Believe it or not, non-Muslims are actually banned from entering the city.

                                  Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as thePyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops), Egypt
This the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex and the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, It is the only one to remain largely intact. The pyramid remained the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. What was the purpose of the Great Pyramid? Two intriguing matters suggest a direction for further inquiry and research. The first has to do with the persistent legends that the Great Pyramid of Giza, and especially the main chamber, was used as some sort of sacred initiation centre. According to one legend, students who had first undergone long years of preparation, meditation and metaphysical instruction in an esoteric school (the mythic “Hall of Records” hidden deep beneath the desert sands somewhere near the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx) were placed in the granite coffer of the main chamber and left alone throughout an entire night. The coffer was the focal point of the energies gathered, concentrated, aimed, and directed at the main chamber by virtue of the precise mathematical location, alignment, and construction of the pyramid. These energies, considered to be especially potent at certain precisely calculated periods when the earth was in a particular geometric alignment with solar, lunar, and stellar objects, were conducive to the awakening, stimulation, and acceleration of spiritual consciousness in the suitably prepared adept. it is interesting to read the reports of those persons who have done so in the past. Mention will be made of experiences both terribly frightening (perhaps because of the lack of any appropriate training on the part of the experimenter) and also deeply peaceful, even spiritually illuminating. Napoleon himself spent a night alone in the chamber. Emerging pale and dazed, he would not speak of his powerful experiences, only saying, “You would not believe me if I told you.”

A second matter needing further inquiry from the scientific community studying the Great Pyramid of Giza – and one that might help explain the subject just discussed – concerns the matter of unexplained energetic anomalies frequently noticed and recorded in the main chamber. In the 1920s, a Frenchman named Antoine Bovis made the surprising discovery that, despite the heat and high humidity of the main chamber, the dead bodies of animals left in the chamber did not decay but completely dehydrated. Thinking that there might be some relationship between this phenomena and the position of the main chamber in the pyramid, Bovis constructed a small-scale model of the pyramid, oriented it to the same direction as the Great Pyramid, and placed the body of a dead cat at the approximate level of the main chamber. The result was the same. As he had observed in the Great Pyramid, the cat’s body did not decay. In the 1960s, researchers in Czechoslovakia and the U.S., conducting limited studies of the geometry of the pyramid, repeated this experiment with the same results. They also found that the form of the pyramid somehow mysteriously kept foods preserved without spoiling, sharpened dull razor blades, induced plants to germinate and grow more quickly, and hastened the healing of animals’ wounds. Other scientists, in consideration of the high quartz content of the granite blocks in the main chamber and the incredible pressures those blocks are subjected to, theorized that the main chamber may have been the focal point of a powerful piezoelectric field; magnetometer measurements inside the chamber indeed showed higher levels than the normal background geomagnetic field.

Although much research remains to be done in these areas, legend, archaeology, mathematics, and earth sciences seem to indicate that the Great Pyramid was a monumental device for gathering, amplifying, and focusing a mysterious energy field for the spiritual benefit of human beings. We do not know exactly how the pyramid and its main chamber were used, but none-the-less, the Great Pyramid of the Giza plateau still emanates great power as a transformational power place.

                                                                                                 Temple of Luxor, Egypt
Schwaller de Lubicz found in the temple of Luxor a record of the Egyptian’s understanding of the cosmic laws of creation and the manner in which spirit becomes manifest as matter. One of his central insights was that the various sections of the human body are incorporated into the proportions of the temple itself (see illustration below), and in the proportions of the various sculptures and wall carvings.



                                                                                          Stonehenge, Southern England
According to the 12th-century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth, Stonehenge, a prehistoric, mysterious monument with estimated 80 non-indigenous bluestones, (43 of which remain today) built into standing positions and placed them in either a horseshoe or circular formation. circle of upright stones is the handiwork of the wizard Merlin. In the 17th century, archaeologist John Aubrey made the claim that Stonehenge was the work of the Celtic high priests known as the Druids .Even today, people who identify as modern Druids continue to gather at Stonehenge for the summer solstice. However, in the mid-20th century, radiocarbon dating demonstrated that Stonehenge stood more than 1,000 years before the Celts inhabited the region, eliminating the ancient Druids from the running.

If the facts surrounding the architects and construction of Stonehenge remain shadowy at best, the purpose of the arresting monument is even more of a mystery. While historians agree that it was a place of great importance for over 1,000 years, we may never know what drew early Britons to Salisbury Plain and inspired them to continue developing it. There is strong archaeological evidence that Stonehenge was used as a burial site, at least for part of its long history, but most scholars believe it served other functions as well—either as a ceremonial site, a religious pilgrimage destination, a final resting place for royalty or a memorial erected to honour and perhaps spiritually connect with distant ancestors. In the 1960s, the astronomer Gerald Hawkins suggested that the cluster of megalithic stones operated as an astronomical calendar, with different points corresponding to astrological phenomena such as solstices, equinoxes and eclipses. More recently, signs of illness and injury in the human remains unearthed at Stonehenge led a group of British archaeologists to speculate that it was considered a place of healing, perhaps because bluestones were thought to have curative powers. It is also popular with New Age devotees, who report powerful energies at the site.



                                                                                                      Crater Lake, Oregon
The Klamath tribe of Oregon believes that Crater Lake formed nearly 8,000 years ago after an alleged massive eruption caused Mount Mazama to collapse, was the site of a battle between the Chief of the Above World and the Chief of the Below World. The Native American Klamath tribe has long considered the lake a sacred site. The tribesmen used Crater Lake in their vision quests (tasks may have included scaling the crater walls), and is considered a spiritual spot.

                                                                                                    Mount Parnassus, Greece
Towering above Delphi in central Greece, this limestone mountain looms large in Greek mythology. In addition to being sacred to the god Apollo, who often visited the nearby Oracle at Delphi, the mountain was thought to be the residence of the Muses and, as a result, the home of poetry and song. The three Corycian Nymphs, each of whom was romanced by a major god, were born of springs located on Parnassus, and the mountain was also the setting for many minor myths. Today, the only sacred activity takes place on the slopes:

                                                              Chimi Llakhang near Punakha, Bhutan. A Monastery Devoted to…Sex?
Bhutan is not what would typically come to mind when you think of a religious order. Built in the 15th century, the temple’s founder, Drukpa Kinley, was known as a “Divine Madman” and thought of as a saint despite his affinity for alcohol, womanizing, blasphemy, and crude humor. Nonethless, Kinley is revered within this monastery.

To honor his legacy, Chimi Llakhang is adorned with colorful paintings and carvings of phalluses throughout the temple grounds along with nearly 100 tall prayer flags. Often, childless women within Bhutan will travel to the monastery and perform a fertility ritual, which involves a monk striking a devotee with a wooden phallus to ward off evil.

The Men-An-Tol Stones in Cornwall are famous in local folklore for their supposed healing properties. Located near Penzance, pilgrims should crawl through the centre stone in the direction of the sun to cure such ailments as rheumatism and spinal problems. Many people who have made the trip tell of feelings of euphoria after passing through the stone.


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